January 23, 2014

Delayed Diligence

In today's digital age, I often remind my children about the immortality of things they post to social media.  Colleges, jobs, potential mates - all will use the power of the Internet to frame their judgment. 

My company conducts background checks on all new employees, along with psychological evaluations (yeah, not sure how I got past that either) and drug testing.  The dossiers always include a selection of greatest hits from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. 


My company started out small, is family owned, and grew fast.  Hiring policies in place now weren't in place when some of the first employees were hired.  There are some skeletons in the closet.  And, for various reasons, every now and then, someone opens the closet door.

What do you do when the girl in marketing was a reality television 'star' whose on-screen persona isn't compatible with the corporate image she is tasked with presenting?  (Other than make a greatest hits video and show it on the conference room big screen).

It is certainly a strange new world we live in, with even the most private people being put on display by well-meaning friends and relatives anxious to tag them in photos and posts.  It is a valuable lesson to take home to my kids to bolster my nagging with real-life examples.

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