January 14, 2014

Celebrating & Supporting Irresponsibility

Comedians Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis and others are scheduled to appear for an evening of comedy and music Sunday to raise funds for Texas abortions.
The event, titled “A Night of A Thousand Vaginas!” will take place at the Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles and is being billed as an “emergency benefit to help Texas women” who have been affected by Texas’ new abortion restrictions passed in the state over the summer.
The article goes on to explain that the funds raised will help pay for travel, lodging, child care(!), and 'procedures' for women 'affected' by Texas' abortion laws.

Let's get past the obvious, this isn't about people who were raped and ended up pregnant.  This is about people who had un- or under-protected, non-birth controlled, recreational sex that ended up being pro-creational.

Every single responsible American that pays taxes and/or pays for health insurance already subsidizes birth control.  Free condoms, mandatory prescription coverage, Medicaid funded sterilization - we are paying for it.  And yet, the socialist leech mentality that is prevalent in America would have us believe that a surgical procedure that is necessitated due to irresponsible activity, should be available at the corner store, and should be 'affordable'.

I love that the fundraiser includes coverage for child care.  This only reinforces the point that this behavior is willfully negligent.  They obviously know what sort of activity leads to pregnancy.

I am sick to death of irresponsibility being spun into a 'cause'.  Why don't those Hollyweird wonks have an emergency benefit for anything else that really matters?

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