December 24, 2013

The Missing Countdown

Across the globe tonight, children and adults alike will be counting the hours until Christmas.  Some for the religious celebration, some for the materialism, and many for both.  The media and retail industry has been reminding us of this impending date since about mid-September. 

There is another looming event on the horizon, one that hasn't had much press, and I find it a bit odd.  In ~45 days or so, dependent on your time zone and when you are reading this, the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place.

I have seen a handful of news items on the subject.  There is the stink about gay athletes, which has generated several stories and I skimmed a story about Tiger Woods' girlfriend hurting her knee earlier this week.  Our local paper had a tidbit a few weeks ago about a fundraiser for a local kid who is on the Olympic speedskating team. 

Other than that, the only indication that, perhaps, the Olympics are imminent, is the Olympic Rings image that lives in the corner of the television screen on NBC stations.

What is arguably the biggest winter sports event in the world is just over six weeks away, and there is no buzz building.  What's up with that?

I have a theory.  It is sad, and likely small minded, but it just might be correct.  I think it is a combination of our country's icy relationship with the host country and the gay athlete issue.  I believe that our liberal media isn't doing the usual athlete-in-training and glimpse-at-Olympic-preparations stories because of the stance the Russian president has made about gay athletes.  Our president has such an abysmal history with foreign relations, that he has no political capital to expend on the issue.

I honestly wonder if the White House has encouraged the lack of Olympic coverage due to the leftist hot button issues associated with it.  Or maybe the prez and company are keeping it on the down-low for now, in preparation for some future governmental screw up.  Like when Obamacare policy coverage begins next week, and people aren't really covered, or doctors don't get paid and the system begins its inevitable collapse.  You can bet they will roll out the feel-good, rags-to-Olympic-hero stories then.

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CenTexTim said...

FWIW, I think it's more because we Americans are all wrapped up in football. We won't turn our attention to other sports until after the BCS championship and the Super Bowl.

Figure skating ... really...? Even Putin can't believe those dudes are straight.