December 11, 2013

Icemageddon - The Thaw

Day 6

Supplies low, patience thin, one major appliance inoperable, ice still around, but most roads are passable.  Kids going to school whether it is open or not.

It is well below freezing this morning, but the temperature is expected to quickly climb to near 40, which should make short work of the remaining trouble spots on bridges and overpasses.  It will dip down below freezing again tonight, which will make for another slow commute tomorrow morning, as all the melting runoff will have frozen overnight.  But, at least we have regained mobility.

And, perhaps, most importantly, stores and gas stations are starting to receive deliveries.  Everyone jokes about Texans overreacting and clearing store shelves when ice is forecasted, but many of us have seen this before (like everyone who came to town for the Superbowl a couple of years ago) and we know that it can be a long time before shelves are stocked again.

I rode the train into Dallas yesterday, to join the mister at a company Christmas event.  It was a nice perspective from which to view the road conditions, the traffic nightmare that I wasn't participating in, and reinforcement of why Texas shuts completely down for any sort of frozen precipitation...idiot drivers.  My 'favorite' traffic maneuver was on full display, as drivers reached normal highway speed and then slammed on their brakes as they reached each overpass.  Yeah, that works.

Hoping things are back to normal for Boom's commute home for the holidays at the end of this week.  Once she is back, I don't care what the weather wants to do for the coming month.  All my family will be together, with warmth, shelter, and the obligatory 4 gallons of milk and 6 loaves of bread for each predicted storm.

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