December 8, 2013

Icemageddon Day 3

In my little corner of north Texas, we received about 4 inches of sleet.  It is a saucy thing, this sleet, as it looks like pretty white snow when you look out the window, but when your foot hits it, you do not sink-in to fluffy frozen precipitation.  Instead, your foot slips out from under you and you go flying.

We dodged the freezing rain bullet, which resulted in collapsing structures, falling trees limbs and downed power lines in other areas.  What we didn't get sticking to those things, we made up for in the thickness of the ice on our streets.  This, unfortunately does not discourage those that consider themselves accomplished all-weather drivers.

Many of those self-professed 'excellent' drivers have been parked on I-35 since Friday.  There were so many stuck semi trucks this morning, that Fort Worth's plan to close all highways at 6 am for treatment/plowing, was jettisoned.  Can't clear the road of ice if there are trucks parked on it.

From Fox 4 DFW

You know a winter storm is serious in the South when church is canceled, and the only ones I know of that are open are the ones along the I-35 frontage road that have opened their doors to those stuck on the highway (see above). 

My kiddos didn't have school on Friday, and tomorrow isn't looking good unless it gets much warmer than forecasted today.  They have played on the ice quite a bit, but we are rapidly approaching the end of our entertainment resources even with Christmas related crafts, baking, wrapping and decorating thrown into the mix.

This time spent with my children, with a fourth day of captivity togetherness probable, has me working on a proposal for the school to develop a distance education plan for bad weather days - with all this technology, there is no reason why they can't broadcast out a lecture or two, assign some homework, keep the educational wheels turning. 


Mel said...

We have two freeze proof rain gauges. The one on the deck railing had 4" of sleet and the one on the back fence had 4.5".
We had 78 degree weather before the SHTF.
This accomplished all-weather driver stayed home and enjoyed the loud silence of quietness. It was interesting to watch all this crap start to melt from the bottom up as the days progressed. No mail, UPS, DHL, or Fed Ex trucks interrupting the silence.
LEO's in Cooke Co. don't expect 1-35 to reopen until Wednesday.
Enjoy the time with your kids. Go sliding down a hill or bar ditch and have fun.

InsomniacSeeker said...

I was wondering how you were doing. Wasn't sure you had electricity. We got some sleet, but mostly snow, but it's still slicker than snot in some places. I was lucky to get out of my complex this morning.
Take it easy.