December 26, 2013

Holiday Hangover

Not that I didn't imbibe a little, but the hangover to which I refer in the post title is more of the 'I made it to December 26th without keeling over dead from stress' variety.

Presents opened.

Children not yet bored.

Only half a dozen items to return. Among them, a 'careful what you wish for' object lesson:

I harangue my husband to involve the children in shopping for me.  I think it important for them to make decisions and learn about budgeting, as it pertains to Christmas gifts.  I do enough of my own shopping, thrusting things I have purchased for myself at Mr. H to wrap and put under the tree.  I try to put 'foolproof' items on my list, so those who wish to buy for me will know that they are getting something that I need or want.

I made a mistake this year, and put too little descriptive information next to an item on my list.  'Blow dryer' was the entry, the one I have is being old, cracked and showing signs of impending death.  I am not a fancy girl.  My hair is not terribly high maintenance.  My only requirements for said dryer are that it blows warm air and has two variable speeds at which to blow the air.

Mr. H dutifully took Crash and let him pick out the dryer.  Not at the discount big box store, but at the elevated-prices-because-we-are-a-specialty-store.  I saw the $92 charge when checking for any Target-related debit card damage to our bank account.  I thought the $92 surely included several items, perhaps perfume or something else from my wish list.  Nope.  I got a $92 hair dryer.  I can't reconcile the cost difference between this dryer and the $20 versions that I eyed at Wally World.

When I mentioned returning it, Crash's lip began to quiver.  Crap!  Now I get to explain my way around hurting a child's feelings because the other adult in the household left his common sense and discernment at home while shopping.  The Mister begged forgiveness, saying that he had no concept of what a blow dryer should cost.  Despite that fact that he hasn't had a 'do that required drying since the early 80's, I can't believe that a man wouldn't question paying $92 for something that simply blows hot air.

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