December 21, 2013

Friday Night Lights

The high school football season is drawing to a close in Texas, with the last of the championship games taking place today at JerryWorld.

Last night, our local high school won the state 3A title, a first for them.  A couple of weeks ago, a friend posted a picture on Facebook, of a group of today's senior players, when they played together and won the third grade football title.  That Pee Wee coach predicted, during the team celebration some 11+ years ago, that someday they would win the state high school title together.  That coach now volunteers as one of the radio crew for the team, and listening to the broadcasts during the title run has been heartwarming and entertaining, to say the least.

The game following 'ours' was for the 4A title, and was won by a high school just up the road from our town.  Their team lost a player early in the season, the victim of an accidental shooting during a hunting trip, and the victory was dedicated to him.

I am sure that the outscored opponents also had a story or two that would have added more emotion to the narrative, had they won their games.  I hope that they see past the loss, and remember how many people from their communities traveled to that stadium to cheer them on, and that they remember how far they went due to hard work and a team effort.

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