December 30, 2013


The obligatory Obama Hawaiian Vacation FOD.

The prez was on the golf course yesterday, that marks the fifth round played this trip, resulting in a grand total of 45 rounds of golf this calendar year, and 156 rounds of golf during his presidency.

I kinda had to search to get the golf count, and White House Dossier didn't disappoint.  What I found while looking for the info, is that there don't seem to be too many stories about the president's vacation activities.  Has the media grown tired of following the First Family around the islands?

My kids squabble in, what I assume to be, normal sibling fashion (I was an only child and don't really have a point of reference).  When they start annoying one another, often my advice to one or the other, is to ignore the instigator, as attention is really what they are seeking.  Sure, it's hard, but it tends to be very affective. 

Wouldn't it be great if the narcissist in chief didn't get his attention fix? 

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CenTexTim said...

He might be happy to be under the radar for a change. Lately everything he's touched has turned to crap. Even his fans in the media have noticed.