December 16, 2013


Mele Kalikimaka to your ohana.

Blowie and the fam will be loading up on Air Force Uno this week to head for the islands.  No word on whether the dogs will be flying with the family, or on a separate trip, this year.

The president is scheduled to spend 17 days off the mainland.  I can't manage to leave my average middle class job for 17 minutes without someone calling or emailing me.  How in the hell does the president get a 17 day vacation?

Have you ever noticed that the members of the press that travel with the president are NOT the ones doing the expos√© pieces on the cost and extravagance of the trip?  Must be a pretty sweet assignment, to be able to go on a 17 day Hawaiian vacation and let your company pay for it.

And then there is this, which has nothing to do with Blowie's vacation, but made me laugh out loud:

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