December 2, 2013


In a recent Barbara Walters interview, the Obamas let loose the possibility of remaining in D.C. after the end of his presidency in 2017.

As well they should, they are considering the well being of their children in the decision, as the youngest Obama daughter will be midway through her sophomore year of high school when the next president is inaugurated.  They have said that Sasha will have a big say in whether they stay in D.C. for her to finish high school, or whether they move on.

They did not mention the frequency of drive by shootings in their native Chicago as any sort of determining factor.

In addition to the general 'ick' factor of the Obamas being anywhere near the nation's capitol for any longer than they are scheduled to be, there are other potential drawbacks:
A former president is an easy political target, and to stay in Washington is to be a close-range one as well. The journey from leader of the free world to the person most to blame for the early problems of a new administration is as short as a walk across Lafayette Square.
In this case, the target will be an accurate one.

I just want them to go away.  Far away.  Where I don't have to hear about them anymore.  If staying in D.C. means a constant stream of paparazzi and comments on every news story of the day, then good riddance to the family.

I am betting that one good heartbreak would do wonders for helping Sasha decide where to attend her junior and senior years of high school.   Surely there are one or two decent conservative-minded families with handsome young men attending Sidwell Friends School that are equal to the task and willing to help rid D.C. of the Obama stain.

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kerrcarto said...

Don't worry, he will be around for the next 40 years or so. As dicktater.