December 15, 2013

Careful what you wish for

Our family likes Christmas Lists.  I realize that some may think that writing down what you would like to have is contrary to the spirit of the season, and adds to the materialism that so many of us complain about.  In our family it is really is more about specifying preferences; sizes, colors, operating systems - for those that are going to buy gifts, list or not.  There is no expectation or demand aspect to it (well, except for my step-sister).

Step-sister interlude...her list contains eight very specific items.  Seven of them range in price from $90 to $250.  The eighth item is an iTunes gift card.  When Bang read the list, and asked about prices for a few unknown items, he sagely concluded, "Well, she must really want that iTunes gift card."

Now back to what I wanted to talk about - Mr. H's list.  We often put on our list some dream item that we know we can't have right now, if ever, because other things take priority or we can't afford it.  They aren't unreachable goals, usually just things that are 'someday'.  The 'if we win the lottery' list would be much different!

This year, Mr. H continued the tradition, putting 'Harley Davidson' at the top of his list.  Unfortunately for him, I read the list on day two or three of Icemaggedon.  I had spent many hours house-bound with my children, my job was causing a great deal of stress, the heat pump was acting wonky and the dryer had just quit working.  Instead of smiling and moving on to the other items on his Wish List, I took offense.  And then I typed a two page list of every item in our home and life that needs repaired or replaced.  This is generally my realm of responsibility, so putting it all on paper for the rest of the family to see was somewhat cathartic.  It also gives me something to point to when anyone complains of being bored.

And, as much as I enjoy unwrapping presents on Christmas, it would truly make me just as happy if someone took that shopping time and effort and re-caulked my shower instead.


CenTexTim said...

Grinch - have some eggnog... :-)

InsomniacSeeker said...

I really like Bang's way of thinking.