December 31, 2013

Buck my Fank

I accept partial blame for the steam coming out of my ears this morning.

Weeks ago, when my bank placed the last straw on the proverbial camel's back, with another nickel and dime charge for a printed statement, I vowed to move my primary checking to another institution.  It should have gotten done.  It hasn't yet.

I have various accounts at other banks, both of which would be suitable replacements.  It is just a supreme P.I.T.A. to switch out automatic debits and direct deposits, and I wanted to get the holidays behind me.

Last night at dinner, my Visa branded debit/credit card was declined.  Since I had shopped at Target during the past month, I assumed that my bank had likely taken some action and that I would arrive home to find a telephone message or email explaining the situation. I did not.  This is the third time in two years that the bank has either canceled my card, or modified the use without FIRST notifying me. 

This morning, just as I was getting ready to call the bank, I finally received an email stating that they had issued a new card, and outlining the limits of use for my current card until the new one arrived.  There is a $100 limit on point of sale purchases, but they have significantly raised the ATM withdrawal limit.  For my security, I can't charge dinner for my family of six, but I can go to an ATM and withdraw large sums of cash to line my pockets with. 

And, to add insult to injury, the sorry ass bank didn't overnight my new card, I can expect to receive it in seven to ten business days. 

It's situations like this that I wish I was less responsible and willing to risk bodily injury, just so I could be careless and bait someone to mug me at the ATM, so I could turn around and sue the ever-loving-crap out of my bank for putting me in that situation.  


Mel said...

What a way to end the year. Find a bank or cu that has separate cards for charges and debit. Yes it's an extra card to carry but if one is cancelled you can use the other. Here's to a happier new year!

Harper said...

Ah yes, got gas with card no problem last night. Went next door to liquor store where there were massive crowds to see my humiliation when the motherfing card was declined for a $34 purchase. And, to rub salt in my wounds, this liquor store offers 5% off for cash or I got screwed out of my discount when I had to use a different credit card.