November 8, 2013

The Two Hour Window

In September we bought Crash big boy bedroom furniture.  Being the youngest, his room was a mismatched haven of hand-me-down pieces, IKEA plastic bucket toy storage systems, 2,439 Hot Wheels cars and roughly three billion Legos.

Furniture shopping sucks.  There is a glut of cheap crap to choose from, cheap-cheap, cheaply made with moderate pricing, and moderately well made with obscene prices.  I did not come across any youth or smaller-sized bedroom pieces that were high quality.  Between this shopping experience and pricing kitchen cabinetry, I am more resolved than ever to take some high level woodworking classes and make stuff for myself.

Anywho.  I settled for a much-too-expensive-for-what-I-got, but better-than-most-things I had seen youth bedroom set.  The dresser has been on back-order since September, but is finally due to arrive today.

So this morning I am at the mercy of the two hour delivery window.

One plus is that the store's website has a 'follow the truck' feature, which lets you see what the delivery order is, with each stop's city listed.  I am fifth in the queue, and, by my observation of the estimated delivery times of the stops after me, the last stop before lunch.  Good.  When they delivered the bed and desk, we were in the mid-afternoon window and they arrived at the late end of their estimated time.

Things have certainly improved since the days of sitting all day just waiting for the truck to rumble into the driveway.  GPS tracking, text messages, email alerts - but somehow I doubt that delivery drivers are any more productive than they were twenty years ago.

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