November 22, 2013

The Nuclear Option

It doesn't mean what you hoped.

No mushroom cloud over D.C. today.

The Dims in Congress have done what no one thought they would ever muster the cajones to do - they have voted to change the rules of how the Senate approves presidential nominees. 

Do I think that the filibuster is the best way for our legislators to consider nominees?  No, I don't, but I do believe that our partisan lawmakers cast aside all decorum, protocol and common sense on consideration of nearly all things that make it to Capitol Hill, long ago.  The filibuster, once used to make sure that decisions were carefully weighed and measured before being voted on, has, of late, turned into a media spectacle that is often just a distraction to slow down a vote on something that was decided behind closed doors long before being introduced on the floor.

Therein lies the root issue.  Governing is supposed to be transparent to the governed.  Debate and consideration of issues is supposed to take place on the floor of the Senate (and House), not in closed-door meetings that take place months in advance, with carefully crafted strategies and plans of attack.

The Dims claim that the nuclear option was necessary to relieve the partisan gridlock in D.C., but all they have done is poke the beast and encouraged an even uglier division in our government.  I don't think it is an accident, the timing of it.  Distract the simpletons that were starting to catch on about Obamacare, and create a new rift in Congress nearly a year before the next elections, for all the short-memories to forget.

I love my country, but despise this government.

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kerrcarto said...

The worst part of it is everyone is saying it is to get judges through, which is bad enough. But the true reason the Commie fucks did it is so they can install the death panels (IPAB) board members without roadblocks. FORWARD! Over the cliff!