November 26, 2013

Remember when...

Remember that whole Occupy 'movement'?  All those students and un-or-under-employed people that had the time to camp out in various cities, to make some sort of statement about socioeconomic equality?

Remember all the 1% and 99% crap?  All the finger pointing, race baiting, and fear mongering.

Remember when the president said, " didn't build that"?

For how many years did the Dims and this president divide using money?  For how long did the hapless Obama voters buy into the belief that Obama was just like them, not those evil greedy corporations and rich people?  Nevermind that his government assistance comes in the form of a free house, airplane, limo rides and endless vacations on the backs of taxpayers.

So, Obama is out on the left coast, rubbing elbows with his famous supporters, a who's who of sports stars and Hollywood types that add to my list of things to never support again, if I can help it.

The fundraiser was hosted by Haim Saban.  Yes, that Saban, of Power Rangers fame.  Interestingly, Saban is an Egyptian born Israeli Jew - but that doesn't seem to dampen his enthusiasm for supporting this president.

Coming to America and realizing the American dream, and becoming the poster boy for 1%ers can make a man forget to stand on principle, I suppose.  It can also turn a man into a jackass. 

When introducing Obama, what did jackass Saban complain about?  The lack of valet parking at the White House:
Saban said, “Last Friday, the president and first lady were very generous and kind with their time, they invited us to the White House for a very small intimate dinner. And we had a wonderful time – great food, great company, very inspiring. No valet parking! You know what? I had to walk to the White House. We have valet parking at the Sabans! So, Mr. President, if you would, please, thank you. Taxpayers’ money? I’ll fund it, no problem".

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kerrcarto said...

The pussification of America continues.