November 16, 2013

Life Lessons

This morning finds me at my kids' school, awaiting the start of a charity 5k event to benefit the family of a teacher whose sweet baby girl was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia two weeks ago.

Also on my mind is a little boy in College Station that was sent home from the children's hospital in Houston to spend the days he has left with his family loving on him.  Aggies raised over $100k in one day to support this precious family as they say goodbye to their son.

Both of these kids and their families have awesome support networks and seem additionally fortunate that those networks are able to provide the resources that allow them to afford medical care and time away from paying jobs, to focus on their kids. 

This is how communities and charity should function. There is no government mandate, no law, no requirement for anyone to do anything other than what their conscience, heart and pocketbook will allow.

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