November 29, 2013

Just a regular Friday

This was shared on FB so many times the original author is unclear:
So I got dragged to Black Friday.
Next time I have another bright idea shoot me in the dick.

We (they) decide to go to Wal-mart for the 'deals' that save us (them) 10% and make us (them) spend 300% more than we normally would have.

American consumerism at its finest. I digress.

So as we wait in line for 2$ DVD's for three hours, my nose is violated by the stench of tortilla and unwashed Neanderthal. I'm also mentally scarred by the endless images of every redneck, hood rat, and welfare participant in 30 mile radius dressed in their Sunday best.

The aisles are so clogged that I can't force my way through like I usually do and I'm again required to inhale the soft stench of week old pork rinds and 3 day old sex sweat.

The average shopper is about as wide as their cart and this doesn't help the issue. I took a moment to enjoy the irony of morbidly obese people stuffing their faces with beef jerky and chocolate donuts while herded together like cattle.

Anyway, I can deal with all of this. I can deal with people fighting over a shitty DVD player, the 3 hour wait just to check out, and the ridiculousness of the entire experience as a whole.
We practice atrocious consumerism, spend outside of what's reasonable and lose all sense of civilization over a 10% discount on a 32" TV. What's worse, is that we pass these habits down to our children.
And that, my friends, is just one of the reasons that I am warm, safe, and going nowhere near a shopping area today.  Sites like this one shouldn't exist, and things like these shouldn't be the day after Thanksgiving headlines, and as long as they are, we are a lesser society for it.

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