November 15, 2013

How do you keep a plan that is no longer offered?

Does anyone else think that none of this Obamacare crap is a surprise to the administration?  Well, maybe the website disaster blindsided them, but not the plan cancellations.  And I don't buy, for one second, that they think any insurance corporation can magically turn back on plans that they discontinued to comply with the law.

The minute the law passed, insurance companies went to work trying to figure out "what was in it", so they could continue to operate as a profitable business in compliance with the law.  Countless resources and man hours have been spent getting ready for implementation mandates.  Insurance companies didn't cancel plans because they wanted to.  They canceled plans because they had to.

And now, with one fairy dust sprinkled speech, the president thinks the insurance companies can get in their time machines and re-visit 2009, and ignore the 8,736 meetings they have had about the changes in the law, and dismiss the millions of dollars, forests of paper, and months of guidance they have given to their customers - and offer the 'old' plans...but just until the end of next year.

Read that as "until after the mid-term elections".

There was a point of no return on much of the Obamacare-related changes to the health and insurance industries.  A benchmark that we blew by sometime in 2010.  There is no going back as long as this law stands.  There is never any going back in terms of costs, employment changes and medical personnel lost in the sucking black hole of Obamacare.

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CenTexTim said...

Absolutely right. How on earth can the insurance companies now make available plans that they've dropped due to the requirements of obamacare?

What he's doing is a desperate move to position himself so he can blame the evil insurance companies for cancelling the insurance of millions of Americans.

What an asshole...