November 4, 2013


Golf count courtesy of White House Dossier:
President Obama headed out to Fort Belvoir today for a round of golf, the 149th time he has played as president and his 38th outing of the year.
Obama has golfed more times this year than any of his presidency.
He’s playing with a couple of college friends and a White House aide.
While the president and friends hit the links, I, like so many other Americans, was trying to digest the latest in a long line of personal budget-busting issues related to health insurance.

My employer is drafting a policy that will force all spouses and dependents that can get coverage through their own employers off of our policy.  My husband's employer just unveiled their new Obamacare-compliant Bronze, Silver and Gold plans - with decreased coverages, increased costs, and, you guessed it, a new carrier and network...meaning new doctors, new facilities and new rules to get accustomed to.

This week will bring one of those gut-check times of taking stock of our lives, our financials, and our health.  We will compare the penalty, plans, and cash pricing from our current doctors to see which is the most affordable route for our family.

It is sad state of humanity, to sit and be gleeful at every hard luck story that gets some news-time, of that select group of reasonably employed Obama voters that are now seeing the harsh reality of what health care reform means to them.  All that hope and change might work for the eternally poor and lazy, but the bill is coming due for those of us that have to fund their care and keeping.

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CenTexTim said...

Haven't you heard? It's not obamacare's fault. It's the evil insurance companies that are cancelling all those policies...