November 18, 2013

FOD - The Big 4-Oh

The president hit the big 40 over the weekend.  No, no, he is not celebrating a long past birthday, rather, he set a new record for himself for rounds of golf played in a year.  And, it is only mid-November, with the big Hawaiian vacation just around the corner.

Let's think about that number for a minute.  This week marks the 42nd week of the year.  Obama is just shy of averaging a round of golf a week.  How many of those weeks were we 'sequestered'?  How many were Americans suffering because of the action, or inaction of those elected to represent the people of this nation, while the president worked on his short game?

I don't have the time or memory recall to detail every other thing that should have been occupying some of those hours he spent on the course, but shouldn't running the country, especially considering the state it is in, take a little more time? 

Perception is key to a job that puts you in the limelight 24/7.  Most people that rise to the level of a presidency realize that.  This president is content to have his elitist, expensive, time-consuming hobbies and rub our collective noses in it every weekend.

1 comment:

CenTexTim said...

I'm retired and I can't find the time to play one round of golf per week.

Much less go to basketball games...