November 27, 2013

Do we need struggle?

I am starting to form a theory about the violence in our world.

I think that the absence of real, physical, intimate, daily violence in our lives - or the threat thereof - causes some sort of unfulfilled need in those with weak character and causes them to act out.

When life was more hard scrabble, more of a day-to-day struggle to stay alive, keep yourself and your family fed, protect your property from invaders and thieves, I think that some dark need was satisfied. 

There is too much comfort and protection in our world.  I am not offering to go off the grid and live in a cabin in the woods, hunting and gathering for sustenance and schooling my kids by the fire - but I am willing to recognize that this place in time, without a daily struggle to simply live another day, isn't specifically what humans are hardwired for.

While I think that rapists, murderers and child molesters should die a slow and painful death, and I am staunchly opposed to insanity pleas, I do believe that some people simply can't explain why they do violent things, it is a primal instinct that isn't fulfilled by their modern lives.

I don't have any answers, again, this theory is in its infancy.  But, I am beginning to think I can see the 'why', which must surely, eventually, lead somewhere.

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