November 20, 2013

28 years of Windows

How has your life been changed by that little innovation released by Microsoft 28 years ago today?  Windows 1.0 was a little different, I am sure, it looked nothing like the high-def image heavy, multi-tasking genius that most of us take for granted today. 

As much as I like to complain about the behemoth Microsoft has become, I am chained to it by home and work machines; PC, laptop, tablet, and Android phones.  As I type, I have three monitors in front of me, with Fox News running, financial tickers, music, email, and this Blogger window.  My grandmother and those of her generation are pictured with a toddler on their hip, while stirring something on the stove with one hand, ironing with the other, and rocking an infant cradle with a foot.  They were domestic multi-tasking geniuses. 

I remember how groundbreaking the first beepers were.  I recall being at a special occasion dinner with my father and someone's beeper went off in the restaurant's coat room.  Half the men in the room jumped up to see if it was theirs - these being the Most Important Men in the room, the doctors, lawyers and executives that were so vital to their business that they needed to be reached night and day.

Today, children Snapchat, Instagram, Tweet, and can put together a computer based presentation that would rival the professional products of just a few years ago.

I am not always sure that this technology has been a resounding improvement to our lives, but I have hope that our short attention spans will soon tire of the bells and whistles our tech society currently thrives on, and we will again treasure companionship, face-to-face contact, and human relationships built on interaction outside of the digital realm.  If/when that happens, I'll be sure to blog about it.

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