October 18, 2013

Verizon sucks

I love my FiOS service.  Except when it goes down.  That's the trouble, you see, with putting all your eggs in one service provider's basket.

Wednesday night, during the late news broadcast, the television signal went a bit wonky, blacking out for a few seconds every couple of minutes.  I turned it off and read a book.

The next morning, I picked up the landline phone to make a quick call.  No dial tone.

Turn to the computer, and techno-freak out mode sets in.  No interwebs!

Just to be sure of what was already sinking in, I turned on the television.  Nada.

I am no slouch, so I rebooted the router, checked all connections from outside Verizon box through to all inside components.  Battery back up green lighted and operational.  All good on my end, so I dial up my handy-dandy Verizon app (luckily I do not have my mobile egg in the Verizon basket).  Wouldn't you know it, their online support app was down!

Called support to be told by the computer voice that there was a known outage in my area and it would be fixed by 3 pm.  When I left the house, I noticed the Verizon truck at the Big Green Box at the end of the street, with a repairman hard at work.  I received updates via text throughout the day and was pleased when the problem was fixed by noon.

Except that it wasn't.  When I went home after work, we still had no service of any sort.  I did the reboot dance again, thinking maybe that was in order.  No luck, so I called in again.

And this time I had to go through several minutes of computer generated demands to take all the same steps I had already done, before said computer ran a line test from their end and agreed that there was an issue to the house.  Then I had to stay on the line for a Real Live Person and my wait time was Over Ten Minutes.

The real live person went through all of the corporate mandated steps to verify address, account, and the Same Freaking Problem that their computer voice and I had already isolated.  While he ran the line test, he started to ask me if I had considered downloading and using their In-Home Agent service.  Yes, you moron, and it works great when I have mother-f'ing internet access!  Two week's ago I chatted with a service agent to get a dead set-top box replaced, do you see that on your screen?  And that, due to Verizon being closed on Sundays, we went without for two days. On the month we are beginning to look at a net loss on the old Verizon service.

Real Live Person came to the same conclusion as the computer and informed me that the outside box needed to be replaced and he would be happy to schedule a service call with the first available appointment being between 5 and 9 pm the following day (today).

I can't wait for the Verizon repairman to show up during dinner tonight, or perhaps it will be just after bedtime for my youngest children.  Our outside box is near the back door, fastened to the house.  This area, with its location under the eave, offers a little protection from the elements.  It has been a rainy week.  The Dachshund hates water, and all but refuses to go outside in the rain.  When we force it on him, he will walk two or three steps from the door, staying under the eave, to do his business.  The puppies like to go wherever he goes.  Did I mention it rained for days earlier this week?  Right under the Verizon box is four days worth of Dachshund excrement and puppy poop.  And poop scooping day is Saturday.

I know it isn't the repairman's fault, but I do like to take all the steps I can to encourage him to fix everything just right, so he doesn't have to return to the Labrador-puppies-and-full-of-shit-Dachshund-yard anytime soon.

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Mel said...

He ought to be happy you don't have cows!