October 10, 2013

Tip a flight attendant?

This article asks the question, "Should you tip a flight attendant?"

Hell. No.

Some bleeding heart idiot is quoted about how little pay and benefits some flight attendants get, which somehow translates to me being responsible for forking over my hard earned money to make up for their poor career choices. 

I don't know about you, but free flight privileges would be a pretty sweet deal. And they make well above minimum wage, unlike restaurant servers.  Even then, if going to a restaurant required me to be full-body scanned and herded like cattle through various lines until finally getting seated in a cramped little seat that I have already paid hundreds of dollars for...I would probably think twice about tipping there, too.

Last week I ran the gauntlet of an American Eagle regional flight from DFW to Houston.  That plane, whatever it was, sat 54 people in 18 rows of three, with two seats on one side and one seat on the other.  There was overhead compartment on one side, but it only held backpacks and purses, normal rolling carry-on bags are gate checked - but they don't tell you that in advance.  As each person handed their boarding pass to the gate agent, she put a valet tag on it and instructed them to put it on the rack on the jetway since it wouldn't fit on the plane.  Knowing this information in advance would have alleviated the issue of 54 people hunched over their carry on bags in the jetway, trying to remove or repack items that weren't intended to be catapulted into the cargo hold of a plane.  But, I am sure American would lose even more business to competitors if people knew about the baggage issue in advance, so they choose to inconvenience people at a point of no return.

And on that return flight to DFW, the lone flight attendant was preoccupied with something at the front of the plane and never walked the aisle pre-flight to check for fastened seat belts and properly stowed items.  At first I thought I just missed her walking by, but it became a subject of conversation among the back half of the plane.  So, don't give me the "their job is to keep you safe" line of B.S. either.

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