October 16, 2013

The Great Manipulator

Over the weekend, there was a swift and unexpected snowstorm in the Great Plains.  If you read more conservative new's sites, you may have seen the story.  For reasons still confusing to me, nearly 100,000 cattle were frozen to death - trapped in the fast moving storm, their carcasses scattered for miles.

While I have many family members that have herds of cattle, they don't live quite that far north, and I don't think that they do anything special in the face of a snowstorm.  I understand that in South Dakota and surrounding areas, they generally move the cattle to winter pastures that offer more shelter - something that hadn't been done yet, as this type of storm is unheard of in October.

100k head will make a mark in the beef market for a bit.  Some ranchers lost all or most of their herd, and some Indian reservations were particularly hard hit.

This is a Big Deal to Americans, economically.

Why isn't it front page news?  Well, that government shutdown thing has taken top billing.  Running a close second, yet not getting nearly the press that it should, is the Obamacare exchange rollout debacle.  Obama has announced that once this debt ceiling pseudo-crisis blows over he will push immigration reform.

That's right, in the midst of (if you believe the hype) the possibility of the United States of America defaulting on its debt for the First Time Ever, our president is announcing his next divisive move.  One that is necessary to appease a huge block of voters if the Dims have any hopes of winning future elections. 

Americans - native and legally immigrated are suffering.  Some are hungry, some are unemployed, some just saw their livelihood die on the Plains.  This administration is laser focused on two things; saving their messiah's trademark healthcare law and getting their party re-elected, the health, security and economy of American citizens, be damned.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

My brother explained to me that when it starts snowing the cattle will walk until something stops them, usually a fence line, then they'll just stand there, and with that much snow they will smother, because they are breathing in the snow.