October 27, 2013


Last night was the school's annual Halloween carnival.  Each primary classroom is tasked with a carnival sort of game and parent volunteers are solicited to work 30 minute time slots.

With today's technology, the room moms and dads use various computer-based platforms to ask for volunteers.  They send emails and links to online sign up forms, and then continue to beg, via technology, for more help as people ignore the earlier pleas.  I bet the enthusiasm, participation, and outcome would be improved if some of these people actually spoke to the people they are requesting help from.

I dutifully signed up for a 5:30 slot in each of my younger kids' classes, sending Mr. H one way and me the other, with The Princess in tow, to work our shift before beginning our family fun.

The other parent that had signed up to work the 30 minute time slot with me showed up 12 minutes late.  She then proceeded to let her kids play the game, for free, several times.  She left twice to go ask a question.  And then, without a word to me, and without waiting for her scheduled relief, picked up her things and walked out the door at 5:58.

And we wonder why the younger generations have no sense of responsibility or work ethic.  Look no further than their parents.

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kerrcarto said...

You should try Little League here. Getting help is like pulling teeth. Skackasses.