October 13, 2013

Misplaced sympathy

Even non-sports fan are likely to have heard or read about the death of an innocent 2-year old boy fathered by professional football player Adrian Peterson.

Since the toddler was injured (and now after his death), social media and every sports-related media outlet has highlighted the condolences sent to Adrian Peterson.  Today, the stories have taken on the tone of Adrian the Mighty, since he announced that he would play in his regularly scheduled NFL gig this afternoon.  Oh, how brave to soldier on and play a game, no doubt in tearful memory of his son.

Except that Adrian Peterson didn't even know that the boy existed until recently.  He had never met him before seeing him in ICU at the hospital before his death.
The football star — whose son died on Friday after his mother’s boyfriend allegedly badly beat him — learned three months ago that he had a child with a woman living in South Dakota, the site reports.
The woman called him with the news after her ex took a  paternity test revealing the boy didn’t belong to him — and the NFL star quickly made arrangements to meet the tot, the site reports.
"Quickly made arrangements", huh, three months have gone by, I guess my idea of 'quick' differs from that of Mr. Peterson.

When the news of the toddler's injury first broke, I read a story that quoted a family member as saying that the child was not Adrian Peterson, Junior.  Which doesn't seem strange anymore, now that we have some context:
Peterson has at least two other kids with two other women, including a daughter, Adeja, and son named Adrian Peterson Jr.
Seems like Adrian isn't just an expert football player, he has perfected the baby daddy thing, as well.

The only person deserving of any sympathy is that innocent child who died after living two years in an abusive home, never knowing who his father was.  What a sick society we have become to place so little value on human life. 

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