October 9, 2013

Hearing a smile

Last night, just before 9 pm, our landline rang.  Yes I still have a landline, let's move past that.

It was a political survey.  Usually, I can tell fairly quickly which side they are surveying for and craft my answers so that the call is ended rather quickly.   This one didn't go that way.  After the first few demographic questions and gauging my likelihood of voting in the next midterm elections (will definitely vote), the caller moved into the meat of the survey.

All of the questions were centered on "President Obama" and "Republicans in Congress". 

I was asked who I most related to regarding the government shutdown, Obamacare, and the debt ceiling issue.  At times, the caller read long statements about each issue from two different political points of view, asking me which one I most agreed with.

One of the statements about Obamacare included claims that ''engineers are working around the clock to keep the website up as it registers millions of hits" and "thousands of people have successfully signed up for new insurance coverage" which differs wildly from the statements made by Sebelius and others to the media, in which they claim that numbers are not yet available.  Anyway, it was here that I laughed out loud, asking the caller where that statement came from - I mean, really, not even MSNBC has put a number to it, and all I have heard about are the issues trying to access the site.

Her response, "Ma'am, I just read the questions they want me to ask," except she pronounced it "axe". And then she went on to explain that she is instructed to read "bof" statements and get my answer without influencing either position.

Now, I won't draw the obvious, and raaaacist, conclusion indicated by her speech, but I will say that she remained professional throughout the call, even in the face of my clear derision of, what one would assume to be, her dear leader. 

What I will say is that my polite, yet pronunciation-challenged, telemarketer could teach politicians on all sides a thing or two about civility among those with whom you disagree.

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