October 29, 2013

Get some khakis

There isn't a sport remaining that commands my attention to the point of distraction, unlike my husband, who wouldn't hear a freight train in the living room while the Cowboys are on television.

I enjoy taking in a game or two on the TeeVee, and I enjoy attending sporting events.  I have even been known as a participant in ball-related sports, though the church softball league and a mother-daughter indoor soccer league cost me three knee surgeries between them.

None of my preferred teams are playing baseball this week, but it is the World Series, and worthy of some viewing time.  Perhaps due to the magnitude of the contests, the camera crews seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time focusing on each team's coaches as they stalk the dugout. 

And this highlights what is arguably my biggest sports-related pet peeve.

Why do MLB baseball coaches and managers wear the same uniform as the players?  No other sport does that.  And for good reason. 

Please peel the polyester baseball pants off of your fat old asses and get some khakis or dress pants like other sports' leadership does.  Hell, wear jeans or shorts.  Anything would be better than what you are wearing now.

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