October 20, 2013

Freedom gone

I once knew a guy who would describe himself as "confident".  Kind people might agree, but add that he was confident in an obnoxious sort of way.  You know the type, consistently convinced that their way is the best way and they are wrong most of the time. 

Case in point, he was a decent cook and he was always bragging about this dish he liked to make.  I politely declined several times, as the main ingredient was one I am allergic to.  Somewhere in his tiny brain, the belief that I would love his famous meal so much overpowered any semblance of common sense on the outcome of feeding someone a food they are allergic to.  He snuck it in on me one day, putting a plate in front of me with a smile.  Four or five bites later I walked out the door, and never looked back.

You can't change that kind of blind obstinance.

Someone should tell the president.

Our republic was never meant to 'work' this way.  In fact, our country was founded on ideals intended to prevent a government that forced its belief of what was best for the citizens, onto them.

Look around you.  Pick any object or service related to any item around you.  Heck, think about the computer or phone screen you are reading this on.  Any guess as to how many governmental rules, regulations, trade laws and taxes have impacted the product you see in front of you?  Help me justify the word 'FREEDOM' with what we have today.

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