October 21, 2013


Ah, the shutdown is over, back to the golf course he goes.

36th time this year, putting the prez a little below a once-a-week average, but I am betting he makes that up during his annual Christmas in Hawaii golf binge.

It is the 147th time he has played since taking office, well on his way to breaking the 200 mark that I predicted he would surpass before leaving the White House.

Even though the White House tours were stopped as part of the sequester, Blowie thinks we won't remember the difference between the sequester and the shutdown, and has had the tours reinstated.  Just like no one was supposed to notice that all of the "closed due to government shutdown" signs were professionally pre-printed and installed on nearly a daily basis by organizations that were, supposedly, not working.

Blowie should really take notice.  Even Maureen Dowd is turning on him.
When sweet reasonableness doesn’t work, Obama’s default position is didactic disdain. He underuses the fear and charm cards. When he first saw the White House movie theater, he was surprised there were so many seats beyond what the first family would need. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, probably would have built a balcony and auctioned off seats, if he could have.

I like that phrase, "didactic disdain".  Heck, D.D. could be his nickname.  And this is the photo that perfectly complements the description:

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