September 3, 2013

PETA jumps the shark (again)

I should know better to even click on a headline link that contains the acronym 'PETA', but I couldn't resist:

PETA: Eating Chicken Wings During Pregnancy Could Affect Baby’s Penis Size

Well, then, my boys can thank me, and whatever mysterious force controls pregnancy cravings, as mine were very non-poultry.

In fact, I never liked chicken wings at all until after all of my children were born.  Odd coincidence, but fortuitous, I suppose, if one were to believe anything coming from PETA.

You can click over and try to follow the winding road to the claim, but what it boils down to is exposure to phthalate, which is more plentiful in plastics and highly processed foods.

Insert joke about ex-boyfriends' mothers, Asian people and Obama's mother's chicken eating habits here.

In short, (hehe) PETA is trying to shock women of child bearing age into steering clear of chicken wings.  Somewhere in America (my bet is on California), mom's who love Wingstop are scrutinizing little Johnnie's man-parts and recalling every finger-licking schmear of Buffalo sauce that they ingested while pregnant.

Wouldn't it be funny to see the Chick-Fil-A cows trample some PETA folks?

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