September 27, 2013

NSFI (Not safe for idiots)

I have seen a few penises in my day.  Not hooker or urologist numbers, but a sizable sampling over the course of my years.  New ones, old ones, large and small, uncut and circumcised - a healthy representative group of male reproductive organs.

Not a single one, real, print, celluloid or silicone, looked like this:

One local woman is hot and bothered by those posts:
New traffic barriers, known as bollards, are causing some controversy in the Glendale section of Scott Township. It’s not the function, but the form.
“When you really look at all four close together, they look like male body parts, which I don’t think is appropriate,” says Glendale resident Pat Martin.

She raised the issue at Tuesday night’s township commission meeting.

“Everyone’s laughing about them,” she adds, “because of the way they’re put and what they resemble to people.”
Everyone is laughing but only Pat showed up at the commission meeting to raise the issue.

I am not sure how Pat gets through the day, if these simple columns send her mind to penis-land.  I don't suppose she eats bananas, sausage, or cucumbers, or puts her car into gear, or wears lipstick.  Really?  Does every generally column-shaped item in the world automatically earn a phallic designation?

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CenTexTim said...

I saw that story earlier and just shook my head at the overactive imagination of that woman. Who knows what she'll do next - maybe put plastic garbage bags over them as some sort of oversized condom...?