September 10, 2013

My Superpower

My kids often pose hypothetical questions to one another for entertainment.  A frequent contender is, 
"If you could have any superpower, what would it be."  
Flight is a popular answer, as is immortality, for varied and often changing reasons, which the practical side of me tried not to shoot down to often.  Kids need to dream, I think.

My answer to their question is that my wish would be to have my superpower taken away.  It is a curse, something I dread each day.  Despite what my family, friends and co-workers think, I do have a superpower; invisibility.  Unfortunately, I can't control it, nor am I always aware of when my superpower is in effect.

You may doubt me, but it is true.

Some people even share my power, or perhaps my power of invisibility is so great that it just leaks over on to people who are near me.

I know that I stood in my son's room, waving my arms, gesturing wildly at the chaos and directing him to clean it.  And yet, it remains a mess.

I know that my husband and I have repeatedly stood face to face and talked about him not distributing clean laundry to the kids, as he can't seem to discern the correct sizes for those items that they have in common (they all go to the same school and wear uniforms).  And yet, yesterday I had a frantic text from my teenage son who, once again, dressed out for P.E. class with an article of clothing belonging to his 10-year old sister.  It is sad to be the kid who looks like a sausage bursting out of his casing, and has a mom with a cursed superpower.

I know that I gave sound advice to my boss.  I know that others sat with me in the conference room, in agreement and solidarity.  And yet, he did the opposite.  My invisibility has spilled over onto innocent people.

If I could trade in my superpower, I would opt for something more mundane, more along the lines of twitching my nose and having a clean house and dinner on the table with no effort.

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