September 15, 2013

Media burnout

Is there any reputable news source remaining in this world?  All of the information the media puts out is so filtered, biased, and nuanced to the nth degree.  Picking through it makes my head hurt.

I actually sat here and read a story this morning that discredited itself on every point.  There were several sentences of 'story' followed by a quote that denied the gist of the previous text.  Over and over.

If sources won't confirm, why are they printing this crap?

Joining the dearth of factual information are the manufactured stories.  Like this one featured over on The Blaze.  I am a gun owner, and I see my right to carry my weapon as one guaranteed by the Constitution.  And yet, I recognize that not all Americans are comfortable with guns.  The Average Joe has no way of seeing me and my weapon and judging whether I am friend or foe.  And, in places where it would be out of the ordinary to openly carry a weapon, I can see how some people might be uncomfortable. This is the same foundational argument I have with my children when they hurt one another's feelings - your intentions do not discount how your actions have made the other person feel. 

But that isn't my point.  My point was the manufacturing of stories.  The police officer is polite.  I imagine he got dispatched to the Wal-Mart on a call of someone with a weapon.  LEOs deal with myriad laws every day.  They aren't experts on all of them.  He seems respectful enough to me, watching the video.  He repeats that he hasn't determined if a crime has been committed, which is accurate.

My armchair quarterback view is that these people wanted to make a scene.  Could be wrong, but the captions now adorning the video, which run the jack-booted thug cop route, aren't going to play well with many people.

Is there any way to get facts, news, and information without the media skew or public sensationalism?

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