September 25, 2013

I do not like Obamacare, Sam I am

When I went to bed last night, Ted Cruz had been standing on the senate floor for nearly ten hours.  As I type this, he is still standing, speaking, imploring dimocrats that are fast asleep, to listen to the American people. 

While he will long be remembered for his late evening reading of "Green Eggs and Ham", what he should be remembered for is one simple statement that he made, that has been made repeatedly, about Obamacare.

Not a single Republican House member voted for it (and some 34 dims crossed party lines to vote against it with Republicans). 

Not a single American that voted to be represented by a Republican representative was advocated for in the passing of Obamacare.  That is not what a representative government is supposed to do.

Ted Cruz has the balls to stand up and speak for those who haven't been recognized by the House dimocrats.  That makes him my political hero. 

We joked spoke at Blownstar about getting matching Ted Cruz tattoos.  As there was something called 'Chatham Artillery Punch' involved, the Cruz tattoo location was identified and the Ted Cruz Tramp Stamp idea was cemented.

I think it is a fair trade, a little of my flesh by way of thanks to one of the few politicians that actually has some skin in the game, on my behalf.

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