September 22, 2013

Going Home

Here I am sitting at the airport, waiting on my flight back home from a Blownstar weekend.  I like to partake of the free electricity and wi-fi that airports now provide.  It helps me think I am getting my money's worth for the pain in the ass that is commercial air travel.

So, even though my laptop and phone weren't in dire need of a charge, I plopped my butt down in one of the fancy chairs that Southwest provides, and got all plugged in.  This exercise on my New York trip was a little different, as those folks panted after an empty outlet like a dog in heat.  They would circle the charging station waiting for an open outlet, much like trying to park at the mall on Black Friday.

I don't have an analytical analysis of how post-9/11 regulations have changed the atmosphere and attitudes of travelers.  What I do notice is that people fall into a few categories - pissy and aloof, likely due to the TSA enema at the security checkpoint, friendly and outgoing, like people going on vacation or returning from a business trip should be, and the last major category...idiotic and annoying.

Like most other things in life, it is the stupid people that leave the most marked impression.  Maybe it is the sheer number of them.  And, the thing is, you can usually see them coming a mile away, and they tend to end up wherever you go, like some strange version of Murphy's law.

For instance, the douchebag driver that stopped dead in front of me, perpendicular to her traffic lane, as she realized at the last second that she needed to turn left from the middle lane, is the same woman that ended up sitting across from me on the rental car shuttle bus, admonishing her daughter to save a bottle of water for the plane ride.  Then, you guessed it, as everyone knows, you can't go through security with a liter of liquid, so she held up the line, while arguing with the TSA agent and making her daughter drink the water (which is what she wanted to do 15 minutes prior but wasn't allowed to) rather than waste it.

Gah!  I am fairly certain they are on another airline, but, with my travel luck, I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up on my flight, in my row, annoying me all the way home.

I suppose my predisposition to grumpiness is due to my departure from one of my favorite places to be, and my favorite people to be with (next to my family).  I am rather melancholy at this departure, for some reason it felt like a permanent farewell of sorts, rather than the spoken, "Can't wait until next year."  I will blame my unusual sadness on lack of sleep, liver recovery time, and the unpredictable hormones of advancing age.  Whatever it is, I was exceptionally sad to say goodbye this time, and hope that we all meet again soon.

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