September 24, 2013


Much has been said about how today's technology has changed communication.  Many of the changes, and the reasons for it, are apparent, with the most obvious casualties being letter writing and face-to-face conversations, with telephone conversation quickly bringing up the rear.

While we are quick to point to the ease and speed of texting, email and social media posts for the shift in communication patterns, more is lost than speech and human contact.  As Louis C.K. points out in the video below, valuable lessons are lost when we don't see the reactions and implications that our actions cause. While he uses the example of a child saying a hurtful thing, I believe that the opposite is also true.  When we declare affection or appreciation via text or email, we never get to see a face light up, an eye sparkle, a shift in posture as the receiver is pleased and proud to be recognized.

It shouldn't take a smiley face emoticon for someone to know that you have made them happy.

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