September 13, 2013

Does the truth hurt the dead?

The Reno Gazette Journal published an obituary earlier this week, that wasn't your average sunshine and roses remembrance of a loved one:
Marianne Theresa Johnson- Reddick born Jan 4, 1935 and died alone on Sept. 30, 2013. She is survived by her 6 of 8 children whom she spent her lifetime torturing in every way possible. While she neglected and abused her small children, she refused to allow anyone else to care or show compassion towards them. When they became adults she stalked and tortured anyone they dared to love. Everyone she met, adult or child was tortured by her cruelty and exposure to violence, criminal activity, vulgarity, and hatred of the gentle or kind human spirit.

On behalf of her children whom she so abrasively exposed to her evil and violent life, we celebrate her passing from this earth and hope she lives in the afterlife reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty, and shame that she delivered on her children. Her surviving children will now live the rest of their lives with the peace of knowing their nightmare finally has some form of closure.

Most of us have found peace in helping those who have been exposed to child abuse and hope this message of her final passing can revive our message that abusing children is unforgiveable, shameless, and should not be tolerated in a “humane society”. Our greatest wish now, is to stimulate a national movement that mandates a purposeful and dedicated war against child abuse in the United States of America.
Of course, the namby-pambies are up in arms and the paper pulled the obit.

There doesn't appear to be anyone that refutes the claims, in fact, the Reddick family's case was the basis of a Nevada Supreme Court ruling that set the precedent for allowing children to terminate parental rights.

Does the truth hurt the dead?  Aren't obituaries, eulogies, funerals and cemeteries for the living?  Regardless of your after-life belief, what does it matter to you if someone says something untoward about you.  You are dead, in heaven, reincarnated, whatever. 

Isn't how we live our lives somewhat of an attempt to do things that will reflect kindly upon our families, to make our friends proud to have known us?

Any woman who spends her life torturing her own offspring is lucky that they even bothered to mark her passing.

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