September 8, 2013

Dead Criminal

This week one of Hitler's personal bodyguard/assistants, Rochus Misch died.

I was taken aback at the storyline of Misch being present at Hitler's death, staying in the bunker to assist Goebbels, spending nine years in a POW camp, and then being free to live a comfortable life in Berlin.

Misch recalled Hitler fondly:
Misch remained proud to the end about his years with Hitler, whom he affectionately called "boss." In a 2005 interview with The Associated Press, Misch recalled Hitler as "a very normal man" and gave a riveting account of the German dictator's last days before he and his wife Eva Braun killed themselves as the Soviet Red Army closed in around their bunker in Berlin.
"He was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman," Misch said.
How in the hell did one of Hitler's closest workmates, not end up being prosecuted for war crimes?  There isn't even any indication that Misch was ever questioned about what he knew, saw, heard. 

Does any believe that Hitler's bodyguard, the man answering his phone, handling his mail, accompanying Hitler everywhere he went, didn't know anything of the atrocities that were occurring?

There were hundreds of trials, convictions, and executions after WWII.  The Simon Weisenthal Center, to this day, keeps a list of the Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals, and yet, Hitler's personal bodyguard opened a shop and lived out his life as a free man (and, apparently, with a clean conscience).  I can't get that to make sense in my brain.

Perhaps the most galling factor is that Misch remained so proud of his service and, seemingly, none of the discoveries and facts about his former boss did anything to alter his opinion of Hitler.  I don't believe that anyone can be that obtuse.  Good riddance.

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