August 8, 2013

Saving Rosie

This guy is getting a bad rap due to the story being somewhat ambiguous and leading with a provocative headline: 
Shipwrecked man Graham Anley saves dog Rosie before wife Sheryl off coast of South Africa
They got caught in a storm and had to evacuate.  Everyone, including Rosie the dog and Sheryl the wife, was wearing a life jacket.  The guy swam his dog an undetermined distance to shore before returning to help his wife, whose safety line had snagged in something.

The article never says if Sheryl was in imminent danger.  It doesn't mention her age or physical condition.  It just insinuates that Graham made a bad decision by guiding the dog to shore before his wife.

I can easily see how the wife, being an able-bodied person, might have said, "Hey, I'm stuck, get the dog to shore and then come help me."

Makes sense to take care of the animal that might not understand exactly what has happened and probably hasn't learned the command "swim to shore".

I hope I am right and Graham is still married and sleeping in his own bed tonight.  If not, I sure hope Rosie was worth it.

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Brigid said...

If I wasn't drowning and had a life vest I'd be mad if my guy DIDN'T try and save the dog and then get me.