August 12, 2013


Just after arriving at Martha's Vineyard for yet another family vacation, Blowie hit the links.  It was the 24th time of the year, the 135th of his presidency. 

Obama goes golfing an average of once every 12 days, by my rudimentary count.  The average being disturbing enough for a man with so many problems - a man that is supposed to be leading our country - but Blowie basically took a year off from golf during the campaign.  Not because he was so busy or dedicated, but because he is well aware of how it comes across.  That year off really lowered his average.  Just look at his pace on the year - averaging a round of golf every nine days.

Coasting through his second term, he will have no concerns for what us peons think of him, as is evidenced by allowing the press pool on the course in Massachusetts.    

With all the practice, you would think he was a better player...

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