August 23, 2013

Doctors, lawyers, and mechanics

There are many things in life that are generally unpleasant, and coincidentally expensive,  and that one does not want to do blindly.

Going to a doctor,  hiring a lawyer and finding an honest mechanic are among those things that beg for a good referral from a trusted friend.

It's that mechanic one that finds me far from home this morning.

Boom's car started acting up on the drive to college yesterday,  and I was faced with,  what I narrowed down to three choices; leave as planned and leave my daughter to figure it out on her own (perhaps a good life lesson but somewhat cruel), trade cars with her and take her car to our mechanic at home (three hours in the car with no a/c and a return trip back in the near future), or stay the night to take her car to the shop, and hope that the referrals pan out and the car can be repaired correctly and at a reasonable cost.

Funny how pulling into an unknown mechanic's garage makes you feel just as naked as you do when wearing the doctor's paper gown.


CenTexTim said...

I can hook her up with a good-looking (okay, I'm biased) freshman if she needs a ride while her car's in the shop... :-)

Harper said...

Thanks for the offer, Tim! I thought of that in the midst of all of the 'what ifs?" but wasn't sure if your son brought a car to school.

We *think* we found a reputable shop via Aggie network referrals. I suppose time will tell if the repair was a good one. They even came and picked her up on campus when her car was done.