August 7, 2013

Call me crazy

Several months after our oldest Labrador died last year, but long before our other Lab got sick, we decided that we would like to get another dog.

A friend from work had plans to breed her Labs, and our desire for a puppy was noted.  The puppies were born June 13th, the same week we found out that our dog's cancer was back with a vengeance.

Though I otherwise wouldn't have felt that the timing was right, the puppy was planned for before we lost our dog, and it seemed to be important to the kids to not change the plan, despite having just buried a dog.

Over the past seven weeks we had visited with the pups, noting our preferences as they grew into their personalities.  And then, the combination of puppy dog eyes, and the begging of my children resulted in not one, but two bundles of fur joining our family this week. 

Yes, I have read all of the opinions about raising littermates together, and frankly, don't care.  So far, they have entertained one other splendidly, and took the separation from their parents quite well, simply curling up with one another as they have done since birth.  I was prepared for a night of howling that never came.  (Knock on wood).

In our Lonesome Dove naming tradition, we have christened the female 'Maggie', but have some internal disagreement about her brother's name.  If we don't work something out soon, the poor little fella will just be "Good Boy".

Maggie using her brother as a pillow


CenTexTim said...

We adopted littermates (2 sisters) and it's worked out great. Like you said, they keep each other company/entertained. You will experience, however twice the chewing and digging when they get to that stage.

kerrcarto said...

You could always go with Parker after Pea Eye Parker

Anonymous said...

If the two give you too much trouble I'll take Maggie. We put our yellow lab down Monday. Mel.

Harper said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Tim - twice the piddle, too.

Kerrcarto - Pea Eye and Parker are in the top 5.

Sorry for your loss, Mel. We still have a container of meds on the counter from the one we just lost. I can't bring myself to deal with it yet.