August 9, 2013

An emigration prediction

I listen to Fox News Radio every day.  I hear an incessant commercial for some internet pharmacy peddling various erectile dysfunction drugs for, "three dollars a pill", which is considerably less than the regular pharmacy price in the United States.  The commercial reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode wherein the contraceptive sponge has been discontinued, and Elaine judges men based on whether or not she would be willing to dip into her stash of the sponges, knowing they can't be replaced.  She determines if they are "sponge-worthy".  I wonder how many men with an expensive ED drug prescription stop and think about whether a conquest is worth a three-to-ten dollar pill? 

Fear not, Argentina is going to hand out 200,000 free doses of Viagra, in an effort to 'curb its misuse'.  In what had to have been a male-crafted statement, the pharmaceutical firm manufacturing the pills calls Viagra "the most famous medication in the world for improving the quality of life".

I don't know if I want to live in a world that is so shallow and sexually based, that an ED drug is considered a quality of life improvement.  I would wager that I could find an impressive number of older women that don't see those drugs as the golden ticket that men do.  And, all this late-in-life sex has led to a massive increase in the STD rate among senior citizens.
Dr. Steven Rabin, a Burbank gynecologist, says “Eighty percent of people 50 years and older are sexually active still.”
And with all that sex, he says seniors are contracting STDs at an alarming rate.
“What’s dramatic in that in the age group 50 and above we are seeing a doubling and tripling of STDs such as chlamydia and syphilis and that’s startling.”
So why the outbreak? Doctors say there are several factors.
For one, medical advances have enabled men to have sex at an older age.
Paul Dell’Anno, 90, credits Viagra. “That has helped immensely,” he said
Argentina has long been in the top 10 for best foreign places to retire - adding 'Free Viagra' to their marketing is sure to open the floodgates.

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InsomniacSeeker said...

The Sponge Worthy episode was on cable up here last night. Funny, as always.