August 2, 2013

Going home, slowly

Ahh, airports.  I am not sure how some of these people tied their shoes this morning,  much less made it through the trial of securing,  and arriving for, air travel.

I had my first perv machine experience today.  I didn't even see it coming, as I was juggling with the Ziploc of liquid toiletries,  boarding passes,  laptops, shoes,  belts,  and carry-ons.  I had everything in the prescribed plastic tub, shoved it on the conveyor belt, looked up for the signal to walk forward, and then realized that it was a body scanner,  not a metal detector.  I caught a glance of what appeared to be the only female agent around and am ashamed to admit that I, then, quite willingly chose to have my rights violated, rather than be felt up by her.

Home soon, and will catch up more, then.

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