August 10, 2013

A loss for words

I am old school - I have a paperback thesaurus on my desk that is frequently consulted.  As I age, I turn to it more and more to remind me of a word that escapes me, just as much as I search for a synonym.

My thesaurus isn't helping me this morning.  I have tried 'offensive', 'crude', 'crass', 'disturbing' and 'uncivilized', among others.  I can't seem to find the words, or phrases, to properly describe my reaction to this:

I am not writing this to argue for or against abortion, my views are just that, my own, and I don't think that being on either side of this issue has any bearing on how destructive this sort of thing is to a society - and by 'this sort of thing', I mean the handing out of coupons and advertising a discount for abortions.

You can pull whatever you want out of context and find even more offense - that the discount is only good on Sunday, a day of religious significance, is sure to inflame many.

And while this story is getting some traction this week, a quick Google search reveals that they have done this before, and got some news coverage for the same back in 2011.

Sadly, it seems that the Orlando abortion market is a competitive one, as another abortion clinic has been noted for their 'two-for-one' coupon that grants a free Pap smear with the purchase of abortion services.

I appreciate that our society has grown to accept that menstruating women need not be banished to the 'red tent', that pregnancy need not confine a woman to her home, and that women can control contraception with a variety of pharmaceutical methods.  But, regardless of my stance on any related issue, there are things that I think a civilized society just doesn't do.  And printing coupons for abortions is at the top of that list. 


CenTexTim said...

Regardless of one's stance on abortion, I hope we all can agree it's shameful that we as a society don't spend as much time, effort, and money on preventing unwanted pregnancies as we do ending them.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable (but apparently it isn't). Tacky, uncouth, abhorred. Unbelievable.

Wait for the Groupon....

Anonymous said...