August 18, 2013

4th floor girl

My friend CenTexTim dropped his oldest off at college this weekend.  I will be making the same trip this coming week, as my kid returns to campus for her sophomore year.

I noticed in Tim's pictures, that he went armed with a cart - smart move, there.  And, since he is a recently retired professor, I would bet he has seen some move-in best practices.  I learned the hard way, but have a nice hand cart and two wheeler ready to load along with the dorm room items.  Two trips to the car, tops, this year.

Colleges have this housing thing figured out, as well they should, doing this every year since time immemorial.  Many universities, the one Tim's son and my daughter go to, included, place students on floors according to their tolerance and/or desire for a quiet, studious college experience (1st floor) on up to the animal house experience (4th floor).

Of course, some dorms are more known for their studying and 'learning communities', making their 4th floors more staid, while some dorms are famous for their five day weekends that begin with Wasted Wednesday and Thirsty Thursday as lead-ins to the weekend, and their third floors put other fourth floors to shame - if that is the proper way to describe college-age youth pissing away their parent's hard earned money.

If I had it all to do over again, I would probably opt for a fourth floor room - with responsible boundaries, of course.  Life is too short to not enjoy one's youth to the fullest.  Well, except for my kid that better be in her dorm room studying her butt off this semester.


CenTexTim said...

That's the first I've heard of dorm floors by studying/partying at A&M. Our kid didn't get to pick his floor. He just requested a specific dorm and was randomly (I think) assigned a room.

As for moving in, I think it varies by gender. Our boy took mainly shorts and t-shirts. And of course, he has no make-up or hair care products. We also left all the cold weather stuff at home. He can take it next Oct. or Nov. if he needs to.

Harper said...

I think the floor assignments are somewhat based on how the housing questionnaire is answered, and then, obviously, by availability - with housing at a premium on campus. If your son requests a move to the 4th floor next year, watch out.

InsomniacSeeker said...

Hmmmmm, I was on the 9th Floor my freshman year. There were only 10 floors in the building.