July 27, 2013

With friends like this...

...who needs enemies?

Brandon Harker returned home from an eight month deployment in Afghanistan to find his dog Oakley was missing, and possibly sold on Craigslist. The soldier had asked a friend to take care of his 2-year-old purebred yellow Labrador retriever while he was deployed. When he contacted the friend to pick him up, he was told the dog had been given away.
What a P.O.S..  Really.  What is the thought process there?  Was he hoping the soldier wouldn't make it back?  Did he think that he would forget that he had a dog?  Or perhaps he is just a sad excuse for a human that doesn't care that he violated the trust of a friend.

Clearly not a pet owner.  Or a dog person.  I hope that Oakley is found and bites that SOB in the dick.

Here is a link to the ad seeking Oakley's return.

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