July 17, 2013

Visiting Bloombergville

After days and weeks of tossing around some great road trip ideas; from a cool itinerary sent to us by CenTexTim (who went galavanting around Down Under for a month) to plans to hike part of the Appalachian Trail and sight-see across Tennessee, our travel plans took a decisive change of direction. Mr H reminded the kids that he had enough frequent flier points to fly everyone somewhere, so out came the flight route map and now we are going to New York City.  NEW YORK CITY?

I will admit that there are several worthwhile landmarks that I would like my children to visit.  We sat down to do some preliminary planning, making a list of things that were 'absolutes' and 'want to do'.  This being when sports stadiums and Broadway show plans divide the family.  It is also where Hollywood impacts my children's list of things-to-see, for instance, the Guggenheim, not for the art or iconic building, but because it was in Mr. Popper's Penguins and When in Rome.

Boom would be content to go on an all-food tour of the city.  Between iconic neighborhoods and restaurants, and television chefs, she could eat her way around the city.

The Princess wants to shop.

Crash is interested in the plane ride, rental car, and hotel room.

Bang is afraid of heights, so I will likely get in some quality time with him at the foot of the Statue of Liberty and in the Lobby of the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock, while the rest go up.  He is excited to go to Central Park.  Maybe rent a bike, or take a Frisbee to toss.  That kid is easy to please in the travel department.

The final couple of days, we will drive out to the Hudson Valley area where my father is buried.  Just an hour or so outside the city, but world's away - at least it was when I was there last.

I have two fears that are keeping me on edge.  One, is that Crash will get lost.  He is fiercely independent, and quick.  Seriously considering a kid-leash.

The second fear is that one or some of my kids will fall in love with the Big City.  I know they will all eventually grow up and leave home (they will, won't they?), but I hope to keep them relatively close, and certainly not in some soul-sucking hole like NYC.


Titan Mk6B said...

You will like the trip. but you will also be ready to come home. I have only been once and plan to go again someday.

The most interesting thing about NYC was that everything is much smaller that I imagined it would be. Including the hotel room. We stayed near the Theater District/Times Square and it was literally half the size of a normal hotel room.

I would recommend seeing the Intrepid. It's pretty cool to be able to climb around on an aircraft carrier.

Don't even think about a car if you are staying in the city. Ten years ago it was $25 a night just to park the car at the hotel. I am fearless when it comes to driving and after spending time there I would never try to drive in NYC. You would never find a place to park during the day anyway.

CenTexTim said...

Ditto what Titan said. Ridiculously small rooms for insane amounts of money. Crazy traffic and drivers. And parking? Fuggedaboutit. Thumbs up on the Intrepid. Central Park and the Zoo are cool. I assume you'll be visiting the Twin Towers site?

As for Crash, I was on a kid leash until I was 6. I think my parents took me off it hoping I'd get lost...

Harper said...

The first part of our trip we are staying in Times Square. Hey, you want big city life, you got it, kiddos. And paying twice as much as normal for half the room, as you both predicted.

No car until we are leaving the city, but, I did make a point of reserving the car under Mr H's Hertz driver profile, so he gets the full NYC driving experience! And Titan - the hotel charges $25 a day to park, but most garages charge $25 for 12 hours!

Hadn't thought about the Intrepid...probably still pissed about NYC getting a shuttle when Texas didn't. My kids would love it.

Plan to go to WTC site. The memorial is on a timed ticket entry program, so we are trying to finalize our plans to nail down a time for that. I don't like to over-plan, but want to make sure we can do the things we want, with room to just wander or people watch if the mood strikes.

As to the leash. Thinking of being really redneck and just taking some rope to tie to his belt loop. Wonder how long it would be before a Bloombergian drone would report me for child abuse?